About natural beauty, highest precision and new life.


What we think about wood

As lovers of this natural product, we are experts in understanding how to process and shape it according to our customers‘ wishes. Always keeping in mind to not rob it of its natural beauty. This principle has made us into one of the leading European producers of ready to be bonded specialised timber lamellas and saw-cut veneers.

A man is known by the company he keeps. A company is known by the men it keeps.
— Thomas John Watson, Sr.

Wood has been accompanying us since the beginning of time. Its excellent qualities like durability,  stability, its manifold application spectrum, its soothing, warm charisma and a multitude of possibilities to shape it into individual forms, have made it our companion since thousands of years. Wood is one of our most exquisite working materials and has never run out of fashion. Wood enables us to bring nature into our living space.

How we work with wood

We are doing our best in combining the natural growing pattern and structure of the wood with our customers‘ wishes. Wood is an organically grown raw material and, due to its very nature, presents itself in a huge variety of structures and colours. We process this natural productwith highest precision, a quality that our customers have known and appreciated for years. Only premium timber boards that are produced according to the strict regulations of the flooring and boards-industry are allowed to leave our production.

Our production site is located in Kematen an der Ybbs.  A lot of our raw material stems from our surrounding region. A few selected premium woods are however obtained from mainly neighbouring Central-European countries. Sustainability and legal sourcing of our raw materials are important to us, that’s why we are proud to be able to fulfill the regulations of PEFC.

What we produce out of wood

Antique wood …or of our idea to instill new life into used wood.

We are known for the efficient and material-saving recycling of antique wood from roof structures, old solid wood floorings or stable walls. At our company, this precious raw material acquires new life in the form of various types of antique lamellas that are used for the production of three-layered boards.

Since the last two decades we have been extending our lamella programme step by step with ready to be bonded oak, larch, swiss stone pine, acacia, black walnut, etc.

We produce a variety of ready to be bonded lamellas in standard but also nonstandard dimensions. Depending on the type of wood, we offer lamellas in lengths from 300 to 5000 mm and widths from 50 to 380 mm. We are happily anticipating your request!

Our wood becomes something unique every time our expertise meets with our customers‘ demands.